Lack of a comment policy

    I detest blogs that feel the need to publish a comment policy.

    Normally a blog comment policy page is a confused and rambling list of -isms and assumed privileges used to justify the simple premise: that the blog owner will delete comments from anyone other than their close friends. The same blog owners are often the first to scream about censorship when someone deletes a comment of theirs, yet they can't see that doing it themselves is just a tiny bit hypocritical. If you don't want comments you have a simple option, don't publish on a public blog.

    So here's my lack of a comment policy. I delete comments that are spam. Links to piss-poor e-commerce sites, pills that'll give you an 18 foot long knob or a set of triple-Z-cup boobs, they all go in the bin. I've yet to have any outright hate-speech comments, but they would go in the bin too. I guess if I think a comment contravenes UK law then that's a high enough barrier to justify deletion.

    I've also turned off anonymous comments, with reluctance. If you're going to troll, I expect you to have a name.

    Everything else stays. If you behave like an idiot, if you troll or otherwise make yourself objectionable in comments on this blog, everyone will be able to see what kind of person you are. I'll tell the world about you, and they can all come and have a good old laugh.